Langues et Voyages Group Leaders

Please note - we make a point of calling them 'group leaders' and not 'guides'. They have a triple role:

First: they are there to prepare the ground with your pupils for all the visits included in your programme. Since they aren't considered as guides, they have to do this in the coach prior to arriving at the site, and not at the site itself.

Secondly: these people have been carefully selected for their knowledge of the country to be visited. We expect them to share this knowledge with your pupils, and to try and arouse their curiosity for each and every aspect of the way of life in the country they are visiting.

Thirdly: they are there to make sure that everything goes smoothly: entrances to museums or monuments, departure and arrival times, accommodation, etc.

These people are selected on interview. They are then trained by us. You can call on them to help out with any situation throughout the whole of your tour.